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About SolarViz

SolarViz is formed to provide solutions to the challenges faced by the solar and property industry. Our solutions help you to generate extra passive income by supercharging your property yield, at the same time, addressing your financing needs.


In the core of SolarViz, we want to ensure that you make superior profit from your solar PV investment. Trying to understand your property investment's needs, we focus on practical approaches to maximize your passive income from your solar PV system. We believe in making a profit responsibly through championing green project which will help to sustain the environment.


Solarviz’s values are :

  1. Integrity – We conduct our business with honesty and keeping our promises.
  2. Green – We engage in projects that save the environment and create a sustainable world.
  3. Profit – We create superior profit to our clients and partners.
Be green, be profitable.


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