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Solar Cell

Solar cell is the basic component for harvesting the sunlight using solar PV technology. Solar cell is made from semiconductor material. This semiconductor material is manufactured from silicon, or sand as we commonly know.


When a solar cell is exposed to sunlight, the photons (sunlight) strike and ionize the semi-conductor material causing its outer electrons to break free of the atomic bonds. Due to the semiconductor’s structure, the electrons are forced to move in one direction, creating a flow of electrical current. Solar cells are not 100% efficient because some spectrums of the sunlight are being reflected, some are too weak to create electricity (infrared spectrums) and some create heat energy instead of electricity (ultraviolet spectrums).


Depending on the type of solar cell used, the conversion efficiencies of commercially available solar cell range between 7%-20%.(see Solar PV Technology).

A solar cell - thin and flexible.
Basic structure of a silicon based solar cell and its working mechanism
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