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Solar Panel/Module

A single solar cell is only capable of generating a small amount of electricity. Nevertheless, cells can be connected together in series and parallel configurations to form a solar module(panel), which give a more meaningful power output.


Solar panel are rated in term of “watt peak”(Wp). As an example, a 200Wp solar module is capable of producing 200watt of electricity under the standard test condition.


Standard test condition is defined as: (you do not need to worry about these)

  • Air Mass : 1.5
  • Temperature : 25degC
  • Solar Irradiance : 1000W/m2

Standard test condition is the benchmark on which all solar modules are rated. It is needed because the electricity output of a module varies under different conditions.


A 200Wp solar module might produce 210watt of electricity in an open-sky desert. On the other hand, the same 200Wp solar modules might just produce 150watt of electricity under cloudy condition. What makes the difference is the sunlight intensity, or solar irrandiance.


Temperature also affects the solar module’s output. Take two similar solar panels, expose them under the same sunlight, but cool one of the solar panel by an air conditioner. The cooler solar panel will produce higher output.



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