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Types of solar PV Technology

Solar PV cells use different technologies. The following is a summary of the common types of solar PV technologies and their applications:


a) Poly-Crystalline Solar Panel

Very high module conversion efficiency (~16%). Most established technology with proven track records. Durable and low cost per watt of electric output.


b) Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel

Very high module conversion efficiency (~17%). Well-established technology and durable. Cost/watt is about 15-20% higher than poly-crystalline module. While the output per area of mono-crystalline panel can be higher than poly-crystalline panel, the marginal increase in output does not justify a 15%-20% difference in cost.


c) Thin-Film Solar Panel

A more recent innovation in the solar industry. It is flexible and can take the form of a panel or thin-rollable sheet. Much lower conversion efficiency (~7%) but have the lowest cost/watt. Better capability in absorbing indirect sunlight under cloudy condition.


d) Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer (HIT) Solar Panel.

Relatively new technology. Uses a combination of crystalline and thin film technology. Up to 19-20% conversion efficiency. Cost is high compared to crystalline modules.



Note :

Conversion efficiency           

Measures the percentage of energy from the sunlight that is converted to electricity. Given a same exposed area and sunlight intensity, panel with higher conversion efficiency generates more electric power.

Cost/watt of electric output   

Solar panels are quoted and sold by manufacturers in price/watt peak. A 100Wp panel with a price of USD1.00/Wp will cost USD100.

                      Poly-Crystallaline Panel                         Mono-Crystalline Panel                          Thin-Film Panel


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