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24. FEBRUARY 2014. SEDA PORTAL. Under the Feed-in Tariff scheme, anybody can be a solar power producer. THE current dry spell may be driving many crazy, but Michael Chou is unperturbed. He welcomes it, in fact, for the solar cel ls atop his house in Shah Alam, Selangor, are chalking up plenty of kilowatts under the sunny, cloudless sky. “The solar power generation is at an all-time high, over 40kWh a day. These are the biggest numbers I have seen ....
24. FEBRUARY 2014. THE STAR ONLINE. PRODUCING energy from renewable sources generally costs more than from petroleum, gas and coal because the fossil fuels are highly subsidised. Which is why clean power producers under the Feed-in Tariff scheme get paid rates that are higher than normal electricity tariffs. The money for this comes from the ....
11. NOVEMBER 2013. SEDA PORTAL. Putrajaya, 11th November 2013: Reminder Notice from SEDA Malaysia to all solar PV Feed-in Approval Holders (FiAHs) who are scheduled to reach commercial operation (FiTCD) in 2013.
Please ensure that your PV system installation achieved commercial operation (FiTCD) before 1st January 2014. Failure to do so will incur further degression to ....
28. OCTOBER 2013. SEDA PORTAL. PETALING JAYA: The Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (Seda) is considering the inclusion of wind as another renewable resource in the renewable energy (RE) scheme.
CEO Datin Badriyah Abdul Malek said Seda has embarked on a project to produce a national wind map, due next year...
25. OCTOBER 2013. ASIAN POWER. Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (Seda Malaysia) has approved 2,628 renewable energy applications with a total installed capacity of 484 MW since the implementation of the FIT mechanism on Dec.
This compares with bio mass at 152.5 MW or 31.5% while small hydro had 23.8% or 115.1 MW and biogas 5.01% or 24.2 MW...
28. AUGUST 2013. THE STAR ONLINE. PUTRAJAYA: The Sustainable Energy Development Authority (Seda) is seeking an additional 1% levy to the renewable energy (RE) fund, on top of the current 1% imposed in electricity bills, according to CEO Datin Badriyah Abdul Malek.

“We’re looking at a maximun 1% levy that could increase the RE fund size to spur more development in the RE sector. The RE fund is the lifeline of Feed-in-Tariff (FiT),” she said at Seda’s Raya open house in Putrajaya yesterday....
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