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27. SEPTEMBER 2013. PV TECH. Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that 33.8GW of new onshore wind farms, plus 1.7GW of offshore wind, will be added globally in 2013. This compares with its median forecast of 36.7GW of new photovoltaic, or PV, capacity. This year is set to be the first in which PV has added more megawatts than wind. In 2012, wind – onshore and offshore – added 46.6GW, while PV added 30.5GW, record figures in both cases. But in 2013, a slowdown in the world’s two largest wind markets, China ....
08. JANUARY 2014. PV TECH. Based on existing company guidance and downstream channel checks - and supplemented by various estimates by company through to the end of 2013 - NPD Solarbuzz can now reveal the Top 10 PV module suppliers for 2013. Rankings are done specifically by full-year recognised module supply volume in megawatt (as opposed to revenues, for example). Full data covering the Top 20 suppliers will be featured in the next quarterly release ....
13. NOVEMBER 2013. PV MEGAZINE. The solar manufacturer shipped 478 MW in Q3, generating $490.9 million in net revenue: an increase of 41.1% on Q2

Third-quarter financial results published today by Canadian Solar reveal brisk trade and growth for the company right across the board. The solar power company enjoyed a 41.1% increase in net revenue in Q3, generating $490.9 million compared to $380.4 million in Q2....
06. NOVEMBER 2013. PV MEGAZINE. The PV boom has created a solar sector worth NZ$40 million, with revenue growing at a rate of 100% and installed capacity reaching 8.2 MW.

Research by the Sustainable Electricity Association of New Zealand (SEANZ) has revealed that solar installations in the country have increased by 370% over the past two years, bringing the industry’s worth to approximately NZ$40 million...
23. OCTOBER 2013. PV MEGAZINE. The South Korean reached the milestone as it expands its global operations. In the past year, Japan and South Africa have become two of its biggest markets.

South Korean powerhouse Hanwha SolarOne has surpassed the 4 GW mark in PV modules with shipments to 35 countries around the world.The company announced the milestone on Wednesday, saying it was the first.....
07 OCTOBER 2013. PV MEGAZINE. Thailand's adder scheme will drive 2.9 GW of installations as emerging markets account for 19% of new solar by 2017, says IHS. Europe will figure too with Turkey, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark all contributing.

An analysis of 40 countries classed as emerging markets by IHS shows the Thai government's popular adder incentive scheme will lead the way among emerging solar markets and will help drive installations in the Asia Pacific region, along with South Korea, which IHS predicts will install 2.6 GW...
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