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If you are a property investor/owner in Malaysia, the Feed-In Tariff(FiT) renewable energy program is a great news for you. Whether you own a landed residential house, a shop office, a factory or a piece of land, producing solar electricity under the FiT program can supercharge your property’s yield. You can rent out your property and earn the normal monthly rental. At the same time, you can start generating solar income from the roof of your property as well.


Depending on the size or your roof and your current rental income, the income from a solar installation can boost your property yield by up to 100%. This effectively doubles your property’s yield.


A terrace house can typically accommodate a 4kWp solar PV system. The 4kWp system can generate about RM500 solar income per month.  This RM500 can help to pay your monthly installment to the bank. A bungalow, on the other hand, can accommodate a solar PV system up to 12kW, giving you about RM1,500/month.


The bigger your roof, the larger the potential income you can generates. As an examaple, a single-storey factory with 5,000sqft of build up area is typically capable of producing up to RM4,000 per month of solar income. If the monthly rental from this factory is RM6,500, this additional solar income will boost the factory's yield by 60%.


During normal time, this additional income will help to pay off your property’s loan very quickly.

When the property market is on a down cycle, you might not be able to secure a tenant for your factory. During this time, your solar income can help you in servicing your property’s loan. Then, you can at least hang on to your property and do not have to sell them off at a desperate price.


If you are a business owner(Sdn Bhd company), you stand to reap most benefit from the Feed-In Tariff solar incentive program. The entire cost of the solar installation is entitled for a double tax deduction.


You solar PV investment becomes even more profitable if you choose to leverage it by getting a loan from SolarViz panel banks. The beauty about the FiT program is - TNB signs a purchase agreement with you, enabling you to sell the solar electricity to TNB for the next 21 years. Your revenue is secured. Thus, leveraging your solar PV investment is low risk.


If you own a few fully-paid properties and put a solar PV system on all of them, the monthly passive income from these solar PV systems alone might be enough to set you financially free.


Contact SolarViz for a free preview now because the FiT rate is fast reducing every year.

We can help you to:

  1. Supercharge your property yield way beyond what a conventional property investment can provide. Make your shop/factory works harder for you. Use them internally for your normal business, and double them up as a solar factory!
  2. Reduce your financial burden and risk during a property market downturn, because you solar installation provides you a steady monthly income at all times.
  3. Cut your tax! The entire cost of the solar installation is entitled for a double tax deduction. Why throw away your hard earned profit as tax. Instead, reclaim this lost tax money and spend it on a solar system that makes you money every month.
  4. Get a solar loan from SolarViz’s partner bank. They will leverage your solar PV investment, make it affordable and so much more profitable. You generate money using the bank’s money and money that you could have lost as tax.
  5. Do you part in saving the environment....and profit along the way!


SuperCharge your property investment’s returns
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