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    Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist

    only seeks battle after the victory has been won,

    whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights

    and afterwards looks for victory.


                         Quote:SUN TZU ON THE ART OF WAR



It is not a good strategy to buy your goods, build up your inventory and hope for customers' purchase after that.

It is preferable to find a ready buyer, agreed on the selling terms before getting the goods delivered by the supplier. By doing this, the profit is guaranteed. You can ensures the victory before investing any of your money.


Feed-In Tariff renewable energy program offers a unique opportunity to do exactly this.


Through the Feed-In Tariff program, you apply to the government authority (SEDA) for a piece of the renewable energy fund. Once it is approved, SEDA with give you an approval certificate and you become a solar feed-in approval holder (FiAH).


TNB is obliged to sign a purchase agreement with you when you become a FiAH. The agreement is a standard agreement prepared by SEDA. In the agreement, there is a stated price (FiT rate) at which TNB will purchase solar electricity from you. The agreement is signed for a period of 21 years. Effectively, it means that you have secured TNB as a buyer of your solar electricity for 21 years.


Now, up to the moment the agreement with TNB is signed, you have not purchased or installed any solar equipment. If you decide that the TNB agreement is no good for you at this point (which we can’t see why), you can inform SEDA and tell them to have your approval certificate and TNB’s agreement cancelled.....and you walk away hardly scratched.


Isn’t this good ?! You sold your solar electricity for 21 years into the future. Now you just need to make sure you deliver the solar electricity, and SolarViz take care of that for you too.


Contact SolarViz for a free preview because you want to lock in the high FiT rate now. The FiT rate is being reduced yearly by SEDA.

                                       Source : Ir. Ahmed Hadri Haris (Chief Technical Advisor to Malaysia’s Ministry of Energy)             


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Sell your electricity before even producing it!
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