Profit sharing agreement to reduce
your initial payment to absolute minimum
Understanding your financial need
to optimize your investment returns
Leverage Up! Cut Tax!

A leveraged investment can be very powerful. It creates income from other people’s money.


Leveraging can increas losses if something goes wrong with an investment. But as you will see, the solar PV system investment is very low risk. You secure a long-term purchasing agreement with the buyer of your solar electricity before building your system. This buyer, namely TNB, is the well-establish electric monopoly in Malaysia. So, the demand risk is “non-existence”.


Minimizing tax (legally) is crucial for a business operation. While revenue and gross profit are important. It is the after-tax net profit that truly belongs to you. Instead of having a big chunk of your profit being paid to the government as tax, cut you tax payment using the double tax deduction incentives for solar PV system installation. The tax you saved can instead being used to finance the cost of your solar PV system, generating more profit for you.


Combining the following three moves to reduce tax and build yourselves a strong passive income generator:

  1. Get SolarViz to build you a quality solar PV system.
  2. Get a solar loan from our partnering bank. Our partnering bank is familiar with the mechanism of the FiT incentive program and will work on customized loan that meets your needs.
  3. Make sure to report your solar PV system investment in your tax filing and get a double tax deduction from your business’s taxable income.
SolarViz always seek to customize a solar PV system for your property that will optimize your return. We are an one-stop solar PV service provider. We handle your solar PV project from application of the Feed-In Tariff system to installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance. SolarViz strives to ensure that our client make profit from solar PV investment. This is our promise. Contact SolarViz now to register for our free preview an consultation.


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Sell your electricity before even producing it!
Not getting paid on time by your clients? Getting troubled by  payment's recovery? Will it helps to secure a long term buyer before investing your money?