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In a dilemma whether to invest in the property market?

The property price is already high but if you don't invest now, your money will be waten away by inflation!

We will show you how to reduce your risk significantly so that you can continue to invest in the property market and not miss out any future property price appreciation. ALL THROUGH THE MALAYSIA SOLAR PV FEED-IN TARIFF PROGRAM.

I used to be a conventional property investor. For most of us, there are usually 2 ways to make money out of a property investment:

Through property price increase – Capital Appreciation
Through renting out the property – Rental Income

Nevertheless, most of us will probably notice that High Capital Appreciation and High Rental Income do not come together most of the time. For example:

High-rise condo/apartment normally gives high yield about 5-8%. But the potential for capital appreciation is less than landed property in general.
Landed property, like freehold terrace residential house, normally provide higher long-term capital appreciation but the rental yield can be as low as 3%.

Nevertheless, I stop being a conventional property investor after getting to know the Malaysia Government’s Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff Program. I have since created a 3rd stream of income for my properties. I am currently generating much more passive income from my same existing properties with the yield on my property easily above 10%. And I am not talking about leasehold property with little potential for capital appreciation. I am achieving above 10% yield for landed property in good location with huge potential capital appreciation.

NOW, the good news is YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! The Feed-In Tariff program is for all Malaysian.

In the book “SUN POWER, you can learn how to:

Weather proof your property investment during market downturn
Generate Huge Positive Cash Flow And Huge Capital Appreciation At The Same Time Through Solar-Powered Landed Property Investment!
Show You Where The Money Is In The Feed In Tariff Quota.
Solar PV Investment Plan To Get You Financially Free In 3 Years – Step By Step!
How To Choose Your Solar Equipment Correctly. There Is No Room For Mistake!
Cut Your Business Tax Big! And Reduce Your Electricity Bills Using Saved Tax Money!

Superior profit through solar PV is only achievable with proper consideration of your property holdings, property type and physical characteristics, business tax and electricity needs, correct leveraging and your financial goal.

The beauty of solar PV installation is making profit while helping to sustain our environment. Sustainable development of the world is important. Only by doing so will our children and grand-children get to enjoy the abundance of the world as we do now. So, be “green” now! It is the “in” thing to do, and it is certainly cool!


“SUN POWER” is the first book of its kind in Malaysia and is especially written for the Malaysian readers and investors. At the core of SolarViz, we want to create superior profit for you through our service.

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Terms and Conditions

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Making the Payment

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Note: Actual Book has a soft cover. For futher information, please kindly contact us at

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