Profit sharing agreement to reduce
your initial payment to absolute minimum
Understanding your financial need
to optimize your investment returns
Off-Grid Solar PV System
Are you in need of a long-term solution to your power need in rural area?
Are you tired of running power generator that often breakdown, noisy and with ever increasing cost?
We have got a solution for you!
SolarViz’s Off-Grid Solar Electricity to Power Your Needs
All-In-One Compact Design
High Quality Tier-1 Solar Panel
Optimized Performance
No-Messy wiring and complicated installation.
Fast Installation
Expert advice and solution on your electricity consumption and solar PV power source.
Off-Grid Solar PV   Off-Grid Solar PV   Off-Grid Solar PV   Off-Grid Solar PV
Off-Grid Solar PV   Off-Grid Solar PV   Off-Grid Solar PV
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SuperCharge your property investment’s returns
Do you have problem finding property with positive cash flow? Most property investors end up as “property speculator” hoping solely on capital appreciation, and get into trouble when the market turns bad.
Take action now to weather-proof your property investment. You got to do fast!
Sell your electricity before even producing it!
Not getting paid on time by your clients? Getting troubled by  payment's recovery? Will it helps to secure a long term buyer before investing your money?