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Example - 4kWp Off-Grid System
The Following Is An Example of Electricity Usage For a 4kWp Off-Grid Solar PV System.
We provide customized system for various household sizes (Up to 15kWp) and commercial application as well(>15kWp)
4kWp Off-Grid Solar PV System Specification
What’s included Specifications
Cabinet Cabinet 1PC (indicator lights & battery power display)
Inverter &
96V 4000VA*1PC (Pure sine wave)
96V 50A*1PC
Solar Panels 4000W (250W*16PCS)
Gel Battery Bank 12V 1200Ah (12V/150Ah*8PCS)
Racks and cables 1 unit of mounting system and 4mm cables (2*15m)
110/220 VAC Devices
This solar power system generates and average of 14.4kWh per day and it can provide around 2 days of off-grid power with a fully charged battery. The equivalent of using eight fluorescent lights of 15W for 4 hours, a 10W AC radio for 4 hours, a 181W 32” LCD TV with DVD player for 4 hours, a 220W desktop computer with an LCD monitor for 6 hours, a 40W fan for 8 hours, a 400W washing machine for 2 hours and a 305W (15ft3) refrigerator for 9 hours.
Description Power (W) Time (Hours) Power (Wh)
8 Fluorescent Lights 15 4 480
AC radio 10 4 40
32"LCD TV with DVD player or satellite dish 181 5 905
Desktop Computer 220 6 1320
Fan 40 8 320
Watching Machine 400 2 800
15Ft3 Refrigerator 305 9 2745
    TOTAL 6610 Wh
Note: This is an example of how to use energy generated by the system based on average sunlight in Malaysia received by the solar module. The average time you can power any household appliance varies depending on the battery charge at the time of use or the amount of energy that each extra appliance consumes. Loads must be under 3200W.
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